We have a brand new website!



We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new version of our website!

Based on feedback from our customers and the results of usability testing, we’ve made some improvements to the website that we hope will help our visitors to find the information they need in a faster and simpler way.

What’s new on our website:

  • Single page: Now it’s more easy for our visitors to have all the information they need about Displr at a glance. How? With clear navigation menus, more images and short texts.
  • Conversion at the top: ‘Create my Displr’. This is our main call to action. From here, the website visitors could get started with our platform in minutes by creating their own Displr spot and adding social networks and other content easily.
  • Clear value propositions: ‘Do it yourself’, ‘Smart content’ and ‘Interactive’. These are the value propositions that distinguish Displr from any other solution in the market. We are the better way to engage your customers, believe us!
  • Pricing plans: Different pricing plans for different business needs. Whether you are a small coffee store or a huge multinational company, Displr will help you to communicate better with your customers.

We hope you have time to look around and give us your important feedback!

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