A new vision for public screens

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and this post is a nice symbolic first step for DISPLR, as we prepare to undertake the challenges of bringing something fundamentally new to the world of digital communication.

DISPLR was born as a spin-out of PD-NET, an outstanding international research project funded by the Future Emerging Technologies (FET-OPEN) program of the European Commission. This research has targeted foundational breakthroughs that could open radically new directions for the use of public displays as a new communications medium. Two Displr founders were members of the research team at University of Minho, and when they realised the potential of the innovations being created, they decided to explore the new market opportunities.

Our vision for DISPLR is about place-making and empowering people to communicate at the places they care about. We want to harnesses the power of public digital displays and mobile social media to give visibility to shared locative media, breaking “content bubbles” and creating new opportunities for creativity and local community awareness.

People will be channelling their creativity and self-expression through the displays at the places they care about, venues will be exploring this potential to create engaging digital experiences for their customers, local businesses will use this new proximity-based medium to market their products much more effectively, and major brands will focus here a considerable part of their ever growing effort to have an active presence at their key touch-points.

This post will be our time capsule, a reminder of our initial vision and aspirations. Regardless of the journey ahead and where it may lead us, the first step is done.

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