Design session

Today, we had a design session with one of our customer sites.  At Displr, we really believe in bringing as much customer insight as we can to our product development process. We want to learn about the practices of our customers and gain an empathic and creative understanding of their communication needs. Only then, we will be able to bring to harness to potential of public displays in a way that generates real value for our customers.

Design thinking is a multidisciplinary field, combining processes and tools from Service Design, UX Design and Human Centered Design. Despite some differences between the three approaches, the ultimate goal is similar in all of them: to understand first in order to ideate, prototype, test and create better. In the understanding phase, we have to learn with the people we are creating for, and take into account their needs and expectations. When the ideation phase comes, it’s time to make sense of what we have learned, identify opportunities for design, and prototype possible solutions. Finally, if the solution achieves the acceptance of our customers, bring the ‘new born’ creation to market.


Card Sorting during the design session.

The image above shows one of the design tools we used today. The purpose of this card sort exercise was to challenge our customers with different feature possibilities. Participants were asked to suggest a three level organization of the cards, from 1 to 3, with 1 meaning uninteresting and 3 meaning very interesting. With this exercise, we quickly got a creative and organized set of insights about the features that can better meet our customers’ needs. We then followed with a short conversion focused on the most interesting ones to uncover more about the customers’ world view and the reasons behind their options.

We would like to thank to all the participants we had today for their time, but also for their enthusiasm and their engagement with the design exercise. We hope we can give back by bringing them new product features that meet their best expectations.

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