Displr demo at the Symposium on Pervasive Displays 2015

Displr was at Pervasive Displays 2015. This is the event to be for anyone with an interest in research on Public Displays: great talks, great demos, great people and fantastic networking!

We have presented a Demo in collaboration with the Juxtalearn. This European project is exploring new forms of video creation as a learning tool and includes the possibility to share those videos on the public screens. Displr has helped providing the solution that supports this presentation and enables students to engage with those videos from their mobile phone.


Networking in PerDis is always fantastic.

With the Displr mobile application, students could select their favourite video, they could answers quizzes that can be presented along with the videos and they could comment those videos.

The demo has shown how this approach was used to support the Juxtalearn deployments that were made in multiple countries across Europe.

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