Library: reuse content and share it with your own organization

Our goal for 2017 is quite clear: working on features that make it increasingly simple and intuitive to manage Displr, whether you are a manager of a unique spot or a manager of a huge network of spots, spread all over the world. So, we are very excited to introduce you the content Library!

Let’s start with a practical example. Joana is administrator of a Displr organization and is working on a summer campaign, which offers 50% discount on several products. To do this, she created a Message from the Displr content grid and divided it in two different areas: text and image.


Joana’s campaign includes discounts on sunglasses, but also on sun hats and sandals. To make things easier, Joana added the message to her library and then she only had to change the image area, keeping the same layout and reusing the text. This Message can also be added or edited in the master spot, or in any spot or channel of the organization as well.


How to add content to the Library?

If you already created a content and you want to add it to your Library, then you should click on the ‘Actions’ button and choose this option. From now on, the content will be available on the tab ‘Library’ (Add content>Library) for all your organization and can be reused whenever you want.


For now, you will not be able to delete content from your library. Feel free to add all the content you want to your library. It will not count for the maximum number of content allowed in your subscription plan.

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